WonKwang S&T Co., Ltd., a company specializing in solar power generation systems and waste module recycling technology
The Talent We Want
  1. Honest talent
    Talent with honesty and morality in everything
  2. Business talent
    Talent who always thinks about the company with creative thingking and ownership
  3. Professional talent
    Talent with the professional effort and passion to become the best expert in their field
  4. Synergistic talent
    Talent with the ability to maximize the synergy of organizational capabilities through trust and communication with members
HR System
  1. Implementation of an annual salary system
    Implementation of an annual salary system based on employees‘ work ability and contributions
  2. Promotion system based on personnel evaluations
    Promotion system based on personnel evaluations regarding duties and performance
  3. Performance-oriented compensation system
    Breaking out of the seniority compensation system to build a value- and performance-oriented compensation system
Welfare & Benefits
  1. Lunch and snacks provided
  2. Birthday gifts
  3. Summer vacation
  4. Support for fuel
  5. Employee dormitories
  6. Staff rest rooms
  7. Support for company meal expenses
  8. Corporate chauffeur service
  9. Holiday gifts
  10. Tablet PCs for business purposes
Working and Learning Dual System
This is an education and training system in which companies hire young people who want to get a job as learning workers to train on-site and receive theoretical training at specialized high schools. If they complete this course, their qualifications in the field will be recognized.
Differences from Field Training and Internships
Classification Field Training Internship Working and Learning Dual System
Target Final semester of high school and university Mostly university All citizens (All citizens who have completed compulsory education)
Participant status Student Fixed-term worker Worker under the Labor Standards Act
Link to regular curriculum O X No need to link
Contracting parties Students, schools, and enterprises Students and enterprises Learning workers and learning companies
Organization that leads the training process School Company Company
Training period 1~3 months 1~3 months 1~4 years (long term)
Systematic connection between work and learning Impossible Impossible Possible
Link to employment Non-linked The company has discretion After the training course → Learning worker passes the evaluation test → The company proceeds with hiring.
After the training course → Learning worker fails the evaluation test → Whether or not to proceed with hiring is at the discretion of the company.
Source : Korea University of Technology and Education Ability Development Education Center
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