WonKwang S&T Co., Ltd., a company specializing in solar power generation systems and waste module recycling technology
Demolition & Repowering of Solar Power Plants
The Korean photovoltaic power generation market, which began to expand in earnest after the "feed in tariff (FIT)" introduced in 2001, is paying attention to the demolition or repowering of aging solar power plants now, after about 20 years has passed.

Current solar-related products are of high-quality, but much of the equipment used in early solar power generation facilities was of poor quality, and as a result, solar power plants that have reached the end of their life have to be demolished or re-powered.
The demolition of solar power plants is facing difficulties due to the environmental issue of the disposal of waste modules, but WonKwang S&T has the technology to recycle such waste modules, so it can relieve power generation companies' concerns about the disposal of waste modules in the demolition process.
In addition, WonKwang S&T's accumulated technology and know-how in recycling can be used to increase the power generation efficiency of old power plants through consultation on repowering, treatment and the replacement of waste modules, as well as the replacement of major equipment such as inverters and Combiner Box.

WonKwang S&T, which has specialized technology that enables the simultaneous replacement and construction of solar power generation facilities, can be a top partner for efficient power plant operation and the maximization of profitability for power generation companies by presenting them with optimal designs and construction.