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■ Floatovoltaics
What are floatovoltaics?
- They are the same as existing solar power panels, but are used on water, not land.
- The system consists of buoyant bodies that float on water, connecting structures, and a mooring facility that stably fixes all the equipment.
- Install the equipment floater in places where the water level changes significantly and the flow rate is fast, such as in a large reservoir or dam, and install the integrated floaters where the change in water level is smaller, such as in a pond or a small reservoir.
■ Comparison of Daily Data for A (Floating Solar Panels) and B (Rooftop Solar Panels)
Due to the optimal temperature of the module, the power generation efficiency in summer when the temperature is high on land is not good.
However, in the water, the water temperature lowers the ambient temperature, which can make it more effective.