WonKwang S&T Co., Ltd., a company specializing in solar power generation systems and waste module recycling technology
■ Solar Roof
Our solar roof construction method of integrating photovoltaic power generation equipment into a roof with a rail structure does not require any additional structural work but is done by overlaying the solar roof on existing aging factory roof panels.
Advantages of Solar Roofs
Total Solution Using Roof Solar Panels
·By installing solar roof panels as a roofing material when constructing new buildings, PV modules can be installed quickly and economically.
Features of Solar Roofs
·Even at old buildings, photovoltaic system can be installed by using solar roof panels after the structural review
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    Roof renewal
    Renovate an old roof into a new roof by overlaying the solar roof on top
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    Polyurethane roof panels with excellent insulation
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    Excellent design
    Innovative design of the solar roof and structure harmonizes the roof and solar panels
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    Prevent water leakage completely with the bolt-free method
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    Solar panels for roofs
    Rail structure capable of installing PV modules without any additional structures
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    Renewable energy
    Enhance the image of the company as an eco-friendly company using solar energy
■ Solar Roof Product Shape and Materials