WonKwang S&T Co., Ltd., a company specializing in solar power generation systems and waste module recycling technology
■ Monitoring System
Wonkwang S&T' uses the domestic top level solar monitoring system developed by itself, so that it can quickly maintain and repair the system through accurate accident diagnosis and recognition.
The photovoltaic monitoring collection device transmits the data collected from the inverter to the web server, and the user can check the power generation status on the web rather than in a specific place designated.
The user is given a specified ID and password.
We support an easy and accurate maintenance support system so that users can check the power generation data by accessing to the system using ID and PW from anywhere that people can use Internet.
Dedicated Web Monitoring System
Customer Education & Technology Transfer
Successfully conduct of business through education and training, transfer of skills through specialized training courses to cultivate operational capabilities, and secure of professional personnel who can take charge of the core technology of the business through continuous information on information technology and technical advice
Follow-up management - Selected as a dedicated A/S company by Korea Energy Agency!
Providing prompt AS support/real-time remote service and preventive inspection through strict and thorough follow-up management service
Customer Service Receipt
Sales, installation company, END USER service request
Response Time
  • - Service support within 365 days maximum response regardless of region and time
History Management
System history management / average processing time: 48 hours nationwide support system
Support System
  • - Fast recovery & effective regular inspection in case of failure
  • - In order to stabilize the system after normal operation, technical personnel are input/supported for a certain period
  • - Separate responsible organization for the case of occurrence of problem
  • - ONE-CALL service through operation
  • - Supply of real-time remote service
  • - Rapid maintenance
Service Supply
National Service Centers (Seoul, Incheon, Suncheon Pyeongtaek) Solving problems
Problem Solving
  • - To solve problems quickly and effectively
  • - To use massive technical resources, etc.