WonKwang S&T Co., Ltd., a company specializing in solar power generation systems and waste module recycling technology
com01_t01.jpgWonKwang S&T Co., Ltd. specializes in solar power generation systems and waste module recycling technology.com01_t02.jpg
Our business fields consists of solar power generation system design/production/construction, structure production/installation, solar power electrical work, waste module recycling, power plant re-powering, and general electricity/infocommunication work.
Since its establishment in 2014, our company has accumulated abundant construction technology and experience in various solar energy system projects, and we have continued to grow steadily with the goal of responsible construction based on trust. Our company aims to maximize the efficiency of total PV systems through continuous product research by acquiring 10 patents and licensing as a public electricity corporation, and by expanding technical personnel to establish a corporate-affiliated research lab.

In addition, our company has achieved cost competitiveness by building a new office building (factory) and establishing its own production system, and it is now building a one-stop PV total solution from structure design to manufacturing, construction and O&M related to PV systems.
Also, through our dedicated solar monitoring system, we can conduct more stable follow-up management.
In addition, we have stepped closer to the public procurement sector by completing registration with the general shopping mall of the Korea ON-line E-Procurement System through the designation of excellent procurement products and MAS (multiple award schedule) contracts.
WonKwang S&T has acquired waste PV module recycling technology through continuous research and technology transfer, and is leading the solar power waste module resource recycling business.
In addition, we are expanding our solar power re-powering business, which extends the lifespan and increases the power generation of aging solar power plants by removing and re-installing modules, into a new growth engine.
We expect waste PV module recycling technology to reduce waste volumes and develop into a sustainable industry that can secure both an eco-friendly image and business feasibility through the recovery of valuable raw materials such as aluminum, silicon, and tempered glass.
WonKwang S&T was designated as a company specializing in the installation and A/S of new and renewable energy facilities which are certified by the New and Renewable Energy Center of the Korea Energy Agency in recognition of its technological prowess and competitiveness in installation and construction.
In addition, WonKwang S&T has been designated as a participating company in the support project since 2018, and has been participating in the government-supported housing support project, building support project, convergence/complex support project, and mini solar power supply project in Incheon.

Furthermore, in order to move beyond our domestic business and enter the overseas market for solar trackers, we are expanding our overseas presence by establishing a branch office in Vietnam and are starting to take orders for general electrical work other than solar power generation devices.
WonKwang S&T will continue to develop technology and advance into various related business areas that can maximize the synergy effect of the solar power business, and will grow into a competitive solar power company.
CEO Lee Sang-Hun