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■ ESS(energy storage system)
An energy storage system (ESS) is a storage device that stores power like a very large water tank and can be used when power is temporarily short or when needed.
ESS Configuration
System Configuration (High-Pressure Connection)
■ ESS Container Configuration
ESS with Container
Container : Intergral / Segment Type – Design and construction according to site conditions
No electrical room required
Enhanced system durability
PCS Capacity 100kW 250kW 500kW 1,000kW 2,000kW 2,500kW
PCS Type Transformer Transformerless
Battery (default specification) 274kWh 766kWh 1,497kWh 2,994kWh 5,988kWh 7,485kWh
Battery and PCS Enclosure Container (Intergral / Segment Type)
Air conditioning equipment System cooling/heating, automatic switching system for cooling/heating by weather, remote temperature control function, schedule management
Firefighting equipment Automatically detects fires and sprays eco-friendly fire extinguishing agents
Switchboard Hybrid distributed power supply, protection relay, distribution transformer, and power exchange meter included (100 kW switchboard for ESS is optional)
PMS Local control and remote control
Web monitoring Option
O&M Separate contract
Installation environment Installation location Indoors (IP20)
Ambient temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃
Storage temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃
Relative humidity less than 95%
Altitude less than 1,000m
Battery Maximum input voltage 950Vdc 1,100Vdc 1,100Vdc 1,100Vdc 1,150Vdc 1,150Vdc
Voltage range 550 ~ 850Vdc 750 ~ 1,000Vdc 750 ~ 1,000Vdc 750 ~ 1,000Vdc 750 ~ 1,100Vdc 750 ~ 1,100Vdc
Maximum input current 200Adc 367Adc 734Adc 1,470Adc 2,800Adc 3,500Adc
Output Relay connection method 3-phase 4-wire system 3-phase 3-wire system 3-phase 3-wire system 3-phase 3-wire system 3-phase 3-wire system 3-phase 3-wire system
Insulation Transformer Transformerless Transformerless Transformerless Transformerless Transformerless
Rated Power 100kW 250kW 500kW 1,000kW 2,000kW 2,500kW
Rated Voltage 380V (-10%, +10%) 440V (-10%, +10%) 440V (-10%, +10%) 440V (-10%, +10%) 440V (-10%, +10%) 440V (-10%, +10%)
Rated Output Current 152A 328A 656A 1,312A 2,624A 3,280A
Operating Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz (-1%, +1%)
Current harmonics content Total : <5% / Individual : <3%
Power factor More than 0.99
Efficiency Charging efficiency >96.36% >98.02% >98.15% >97.99% >98.00% >98.31%
Discharging efficiency >96.84% >98.55% >98.30% >98.23% >98.20% >98.20%
Structure Appearance 800 x 750 x 1,655 750 x 700 x 2,009 1,300 x 790 x 2,152 2,060 x 790 x 2,152 3,600 x 800 x 2,050 3,900 x 900 x 2,050
Weight 820kg 650kg 1,000kg 2,000kg 3,280kg 3,800kg
Cooling method Forced air cooling
IP 21
Noise level <78dB