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■ Introduction to BIPV
This is a solar power generation system that uses solar power modules integrated into buildings as exterior materials in addition to producing electricity from solar energy and supplying it to consumers.
By using solar cell modules instead of exterior materials for buildings, construction costs are reduced and the design elements of the buildiing are improved, making the building influential as a landmark.
In addition, their application has an insulation effect, which reduces power waste during cooling and heating, and they can play the role of a window with their high transmittance of visible light.
■ Features and Advantages of BIPV
■ BIPV Structure
■ BIPV Production Process
■ Nano Ceramic Coating Technology
■ Color Features / Advantages
■ Product Color
■ Product Specifications of Color BIPV
Product specifications
Length 330-2,000mm *
Width 230-1,200mm *
Thickness(G/T) 6±1mm
Weight(G/T) 13.9kg per ㎡
Frame Z-Bar, Frameless
Product fixation Standard options for glass (keep cables and junction box in mind)
Holes for point fixing available upon request
Product specifications
Output 145Wp per ㎡ * (Every colors with same output)
Cell Type Monocrystalline 6 inch
Cell specification 156.75mm x 156.75mm
Front 5mm tempered glass, Anit-Glare, low-iron content
Rear Glass to Glass Type: 5mm tempered glass
Glass to Backsheet Type: PET-based, 0.3mm thick, black
Fire protection Heat resistant, non-combustible
Discoloration 25 years
Electrical performance 25 years
Product warranty 10 years